7 Tips to pay Facebook’s bills by Egyptian pound

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Egypt’s dollar crisis push all advertisers for looking for other solutions and plan B.

A Dollar’s crisis caused a huge discrepancy between the official dollar price (EGP 8.8) and the unofficial price, which peaked at EGP 11 EGP in addition to non availability.

Facebook hear the Egyptian voice and making a new feature of the availability for paying its bills in the Egyptian currency after making a new Ad account.

Here are 7 Tips to pay Facebook’s bills by Egyptian pound:

  1) Go to the Ad manager



2) Click on Ad Account settings.




3) Name your Account name.

4) Change your currency and Timezone.

5) Change your country choice. 




6) Choose the Egyptian pound option. 

7) Create New account. 



8) Review your new ad account setup.



9) Your new ad account is ready and you can start your first campaign through the Egyptian pound payment. 



10) Your new billing info is ready now.



  • Making your new account will deactivate the old one.
  • You can’t manage your old campaigns and you have to start a new one.
  • Your payment methods info will not change.
  • Your old campaign info will stay appear on your ad manager.

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