7 Tips to make your audience Unfollow your Social Network

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Are you losing your Facebook Fans? Have people stopped following you?

In this article, I’ll go over7 Tips to make your audience Unfollow your Social Network and decrease the ER.  

 1) Too Much Promotion

Posting too many promotions make your fans annoyed and leave your page.

According to sprout Social analysis, 57.5% from audience unlike pages because of posting many promotions.

2) Don’t understand your audience needs:

One of the most important notes to success on social media is caring about your fans needs and build a community with added value content, not focusing only on promotions.

3) Posting non-relevant content:

Go away from the main strategy and the core of your business and posting un-relevant content on your social network.

4) Don’t bore me!

Decline using entertainment content through different ways like newsjacking tactics or real-time marketing techniques in addition not keep updated for your industry updates.

5) Neglect engaging with your fans: 

Your late reply on your fans comments and don’t engage with them will enhance a negative feeling towards your brand.

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6) Begging for “likes”

Your brand page won’t get “liked,” and you might just get de-friended.

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7) Don’t have a clear social media strategy:

Have a flounder in your social media strategy shows you as an amateur.

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You have to clear the following:

A) Your Brand tone of voice.

B) Social media channels appearance

C) Posting frequency.

D) Content strategy including content creation tactics for each social media channels.

E) Crisis management plan.

F) Moderation process.

H) Artwork process.


Take these mistakes, and learn from them. You spend a lot of time and effort in gaining your Facebook Fans. Don’t lose them through posting poor content. Keep your Facebook posts authentic, engaging, readable and edited! Make sure you gain the right Facebook Fan in the first place and talk with your customers on Facebook.

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