7 Tips make Orange’s campaign the most one closest to you during Ramadan

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Every Ramadan we are waiting to see the  telecom’s campaigns during Ramadan and it impacts on the audience. 

After the Re-branding of Mobinil and being Orange Egypt , The focusing is on the new campaign vs Mobinil’s one last years.

Orange Egypt launched 3 adverts this year and make a positive impact with a big engagement with the campaign vs the others telecom adverts.

Here are top 7 tips makes Orange’s campaign very close to you this Ramadan:

 1) Inspect the familiar phenomena in Ramadan:

Covering the familiar phenomena that almost all Egyptians make during the holy month of Ramadan in a simple way.
Orange’s adverts capture the traffic that occurs before Iftar in the streets during Ramadan.The adverts also covered the most common social activities many Egyptians pursue after Iftar, such as playing Football, enjoying a game of play station or simply meeting up at the coffee shop.


2) Choose simple and creative lyrics through the commercials song:

Simple, creative and effective lyrics which provide the fans with a familiar atmosphere during the holy month of Ramadan.

3) Choosing the suitable celebrities for this commercials:

Choosing Fahmy and Akram Hosny is the right choice for presenting Orange’s campaign this year.

Their performance is relevant towards Orange’s message from its commercials this year.

4) The sense of humor from Fahmy and Akram Hosny:

Fahmy and Akram are well known for their sense of humor which reflect in the commercials and make its simple and very close to everyone.

5) The teasing campaign at the beginning through a talented band:

Before launching the full campaign , Its smart move from Orange to publish a teasing campaign through a talented band which makes us interesting to know how the new campaign will be this year?.


6) The simplicity of the campaign across various points:

One of the reasons which make Orange’s campaign makes a big engagement return to the simplicity of the campaign from this point of view:

A) The short duration of each advert.

B) Using a lower budget than the rest of telecom’s budget this year.

C) Using the familiar situations and words which most of the Egyptians usually use it  during Ramadan.

7) Connecting Ramadan’s promotion with the campaign:

Orange Egypt makes a special promotion for Ramadan, they connect it with the campaign in a smart way by the end of each advert.

Audience Voice:



Campaign’s results till now:

  • 7.6 M views on Facebook.
  • 11 M views on YouTube.
  • 171 K Like
  • 39.6 K shares

Share with us your thoughts about Orange Egypt Ramadan campaign this year. 

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