7 Tips make Lipton and Knorr campaign one of the top 10 viewed ads in Ramadan

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For the sake of charity and saving food, Lipton Launched Kamel Karamak Campaign for the third year with the participation of Knorr.

Here is the main video:

كل حد ليه نصيبه على السفرة، حتى الكرممع كل شير للفديو في دقيقة هنوصل نصيب الكرم لواحد محتاجشير وانشر الفكرة في دقيقة وخليك الحد الاولاني#كمل_كرمك #ليبتون #كنور

Posted by Lipton on 2016 m. birželis 12 d.

Here are top 7 tips make Lipton and Knorr campaign one of the top 10 viewed ads in Ramadan 2016.

1) Choosing one of the top transportation companies in Egypt

2) Choosing one of top social events organizers


3) Knorr asked its partners (Raya, Mercato, Cazyon, Saudi Markets, Hyper one, Ragab sons and Fathallah market) for promoting and giving advices about reducing food wastes and deliver foods to the right people.




4) Lipton and Knorr have allocated 1 % of their sales for supporting the campaign.


5) Knorr tried to enhance campaign by starting series of advices under the name of (#احسبها_صح) and talked about buying the right amount of items form markets


Then they talked about cooking the right amount of food by the participation of chef Amira Chanb


6) Using the familiar atmosphere during the holy month of Ramadan in gathering and the art of giving spirit.

7) Using one of the main Egyptian’s characteristic in their message which is generous.    

Audience Voice:

knorr 1

knorr 2Campaign Results:


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