7 steps to publish and share content by Scoop.it!

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Scoop.it is a powerful publishing platform which helps you to find content from your favourit topics then make it yours to show it off.

Scoop.it makes the process very easy and this article will give you details in the following steps:


1-Remember that: “You are the content you publish”

 Beloved words, It’s one of my favourite quotes.


2-Sign in with your twitter account or your e-mail to visit your topic page.

 And choose the content you would like to publish or share

3- Now, you can see scoops like this:

  • This photo is a scoop.
  • Topic: social media news
  • User: Scott Mcelreath

4- Simply scan for the ones you like and click the scoop.it button to pop up the publishing window

  • Select social media channels and decide to publish it now or schedule the post for later.


5- Choose where you want to publish it.

On your own scoop it topic, your domain, your blog, your website or on a social network.


6- Edit your post and click publish

The scoop publishing window lets you edit easily. You can edit quote, title or image with great flexibility. 


7- Search scoop.it and choose the filter you like.

You can search inside scoop.it about topics, users and scoops


Choose the content you want to publish or make your own scoop and publish it to educate and engage your audience.


With Scoop.it everyone is a publisher.

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