6 Reasons Why Instagram Will Kill Snapchat Soon,UNLESS?!

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There’s a battle brewing in social media between Instagram & Snapchat.This battle started since the algorithm update of Instagram Stories.

In this article, we will share the main 6 reasons which will make Instagram kill Snapchat:

1) All features and more in one APP

Instagram made major updates last period as the following:

  1. Add Live videos feature.
  2. Add Stories feature
  3. Add new filters and emoji
  4. The last one of the disappearing of the videos and photos from the direct message , Instagram users will only be able to send temporary photos and videos to their followers. The new functionality will begin rolling out globally Monday.

Now that Instagram incorporated the Stories feature, users are faced with a choice when that special moment strikes. You really can’t post to both because as soon as you post, that moment already passed. And we will always gravitate to the place where more people can see us.

2) The number of users and community benefits

The Instagram community have now +500 M users VS Snapchat have +150 M users.

– Average monthly followers’ growth on Instagram is 16%.

– The number of Instagram installs on the google play store is 1 Billion users.

– The number of Instagram Advertisers are 500 K until September 2016.


snapchat_facts_statistics3) Easily of the interface and usage 

Most people have way more followers on Instagram than they do Snapchat, so it’s only natural that opening up the ‘gram is second nature. The win goes to Instagram for this round.Also Instagram interface is easier than Snapchat for users in addition including all features now of Snapchat.

Most Flattering for Selfies on Instagram are now available. It’s basically your phone’s way of showing you what you would look like with a professional makeup artist.

4) Now you can manage your Instagram , Facebook pages & Accounts in just one messenger App

In a new update from Facebook to make the communication easier,Now you can answer and moderate your message on Instagram , Facebook pages, and Personal profiles through Facebook messenger in just one APP.

5) Celebrity Squads

Social media is a famous person’s media. And as such, there are certain A-listers who are heavily Team Snap and others who are heavily Team ‘Gram.Since Instagram stories went , stars like Taylor Swift and John Legend have jumped on board. Regardless, we’ve got to give this one to Snapchat.

6) Instagram VS Snapchat insights | Study by E-Marketer



This reasons Why Instagram Will Kill Snapchat Soon,UNLESS |

Snapchat makes an algorithm update such as:

A) Make the interface easier than before.

B) Publish new features such as live snaps.

C) Make updates on its advertising features and policy to be popular and useful.

D) Improve the content curation and strategy.

Otherwise, Snapchat will lose fans next period!

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