7 Leadership Lessons from Brave Heart Movie

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” You have the choice to be a leader or live the rest of your life as follower ”

If you want to manage your team efficiency Or lead your business safely you must be ” Leader “

Here are 7 leadership lessons from Brave Heart movie :

1)  Vision:

William Wallace the leader and hero of the movie  had a one clear vision: independence for Scotland. He was a master at making sure all levels of the Scottish population, including the nobility, knew his vision and aligned with it. In fact, at the Battle of Stirling Bridge, he reportedly used an inspiring speech focusing on freedom for Scotland as a way to get his small and vastly outnumbered army to stay the course.

2) Planning:

He  understand the terrain and strategizing battle plans. He knew how the competition fought, what weapons they would use, and he always studied and planned the ground he was to fight on. Wallace won the Battle of Stirling Bridge while being outnumbered 3-1 by the English, just because of his planning abilities. In our lives, planning prior to a meeting or a project, or a reorganization, should be an absolute priority. Also Studying the competition and becoming more creative in processes and delivery methods should be something all leaders actively participate in.

3) Don’t panic and how to face your crisis :

However people of Scotland are afraid for fighting English people and want to return back and didn’t start fight , Wallace gather them and give them motivation speech with historical words :


4) Motivate your team always :

In the movie we found people of Scotland didn’t have leader who care about them and motivate them continuously ,Wallace from the beginning in their battles  always review with Scottish their vision of freedom and ho to live as really men not like other who run away , also he speak as being member in the team and building concept of the big family to achieve their goals  .

5) Being in the first row of your team :

Always being in the first row of working inspire your team , when you work hard more than them and lead them , they will work harder with inspiration . In Brave Heart , Wallace usually being in the first row in battles and fights which made Scottish inspired and fighting bravely .

6) Wallace is a good example of Servant Leadership 

which he articulates clearly when outlining the differences between himself and the nobles. “You think the people of this country exist to provide you with position,” he tells them. “I think your position exists to provide those people with freedom.”

7) Live all your life as leader and make your vision leads other to success

Wallace may not be there to continue the fight, but Wallace’s unwavering commitment to his vision leads others to continue it for him: most notably Robert the Bruce, who changes his own outlook to lead the Scots to victory, and freedom, several years later at Bannock burn.


” Totally different between leader & Manager , Set your vision and share it with your crew , Build a family and community , Be in the first row in working and lead your crew , always Motivate them ,Your position exist to provide your crew to success  , Finally make your vision and leadership leads other to success”

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