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Champions League Final is the talk of every football fanatic and Mo Salah lover everywhere in the world! We re-watched it with a marketing eye and we’re bringing to you invaluable lessons for every professional businessman and marketer.

The match contains teamwork, leadership and crisis management lessons, read below to know more…

1- Zinedine Zidane legendary confidence in his team:

Real Madrid coach and former football legend. In 2004, Zidane was named best European soccer player of the past 50 years by the UEFA Golden Jubilee Poll and was included in the FIFA 100, Pelé’s list of the 125 greatest living players. He remains one of a handful of greats to win the FIFA World Player of the Year/Ballon d’Or award three times.


Zinedine Zidane is such an inspirational person, throughout the match we can see him calmly and confidently guiding his team to victory. He believes in his team and training and could expertly convey it to the team, so they able to perform at their optimum potential.

Which if every manager and leader can transfer the same feeling of utmost confidence to his colleagues and team members, they will have the required space to just focus on the task at hand and in times of dire need, they can confidently fall back to their knowledge and follow through with their plans without mishap.

2- Loris Karius, one team member’s mistake can cost the whole team a lot more:

Loris Karius, Liverpool goalkeeper’s unfathomable mistakes at the Champions League final were key instrument in their loss. Which shows that under great stress even your number one can make such basic mistake that can result in great loss and diminishing your whole team’s efforts and hard work.

One team member’s mistake can cost you all your company’s effort. This is why great leaders and visionaries should predict such scenario and have a plan B set in place. Brands should always have a crisis management strategy ready to go even before your campaign is revealed.

Karius first mistake was gifting Real striker Karim Benzema an easy opener goal, such a basic mistake an experienced goalkeeper knows to never make. Later, Karius allowed a Gareth Bale shot to squirm in for Real’s third as the Spanish club won 3-1.
Loris Karius tweeted after the match how sorry he was to disappoint his teammates and fans.

Which takes us to our third and most important point, where did Jurgen Klopp go wrong.

3- Jurgen Klopp, It is important to be a leader but you have to envision and prepare well for the end result to actually achieve it:

Liverpool’s coach has been to six finals in his career and he has never won one! To be able to leave an impact and your unique mark, leaders should use every tool at their disposal.

Klopp is a great leader, he teaches us real leadership qualities, he is a true leader where he is close to his teammates, encourages them to show their capabilities and motivates them all the time.

Mohamed Salah

But last night’s match showcase that it is not enough. Brands should have a crisis management strategy in place as we mentioned before, once Mo Salah was injured, we could see how the whole team fell apart in complete disarray. The Egyptian King has proven time and time again that he is invaluable member to any team he joins.

However, leaders and brand managers should always envision a situation where this key member is not present, and how to overcome it, conquer and achieve his goal still.

4- Karim Benzema and Gareth Bale, real talent speaks for itself:

From being underperforming attackers to shining stars with real talent! Bale’s outstanding bicycle kick goal in the Champions League final match is being compared to Zinedine Zidane’s own “one of the greatest goals in Champions League final”.

There was talk that Real Madrid is considering selling 10 players including Karim Benzema and Gareth Bale, so what do they do? they scored 3 goals in the Champions League final match to let their talent and success do the noise.
So, even it is the last thing you will ever do for your brand, then give it your best shot, believe in yourself and let your success shine. Go out with a BANG!

5- Cristiano Ronaldo, showcase how real heroes bounce back:

Up until the beginning of this year, Ronaldo has been under scrutiny due to his underperformance for scoring only two goals. However, he finished the season with scoring 26 goals in La Liga and 15 goals in the Champions League!

This is how efficient professionals bounce back from poor performance. No matter how they perform in the beginning, they don’t get stuck or harbour doubts about their value. They gather their wills and know deep down that what matters the most is how they finish.

6- Sergio Ramos represents the ugly face of football and success:

The Spanish footballer, Sergio Ramos represents the dark and ugly side of any sport and businesses.

It is said that “the rules of fair play do not apply in love and war.”, it should have included success and football.

The shameful move we witnessed to take Mohamed Salah out of the game, is just demeaning to Ramos and his team. However, every professional knows that not every success is achieved by fair play. Some win by playing dirty. It’s the easiest way to success, because taking out the challenge or obstacle diminishes the rewarding feeling of true success.

But when all is said and done, many businesses choose this tactic to win, and true leaders and businessmen should take this to their advantages and learning from this experience by applying a counterplay the next time.

They shouldn’t blame the foul play of their opponent and start moving forward.

7- The Egyptian King showcase true meaning of success and fire that can’t be put out!

Last but not least, Real Madrid realised early on that Mo Salah’s can’t be stopped unless taken down!

But what they didn’t know that you can never beat the fire burning inside of him, take him down all you won’t, he won’t stay down for long!

The Egyptian King’s record speaks for itself, real talent and hard work shows in everything he does. And this shows in how -a great player like- Ronaldo kept his focus solely on Mo Salah and on how to beat him. It was no longer how Real Madrid beats Liverpool, but how Ronaldo and Real Madrid beats Mohamed Salah.

Mohamed Salah has created such a sterling brand for himself, by his humble, outstanding personality and hard work to achieve his goals. His sterling brand has moved +100 million fans worldwide -even those not interested in football- to spread their support for Salah and scold Ramos for the dirty play done to injure him.

There was even a petition issued and signed by 263,081 fans to reprimand Ramos for the foul play.

“When you put your audience at the heart of your business and show them that they genuinely matter, you will build a strong front of loyal customers and audience who will always support your brand. Having your audience’s satisfaction as an objective will definitely enhance their experience and will reflect positively on your business in the long run”.

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