7 Facebook Updates You Must-Use in 2019 Marketing Strategy.

7 Facebook Updates You Must-Use in 2019 Marketing Strategy.

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This past few years and this year specially have us all realise that Facebook is a force to be reckoned with. It has been quite an interesting year for Facebook.

Here is Facebook 2018 in a nutshell; starting by Mark Zuckerberg testimony before the Congress regarding concerns over data and privacy breaches -the Cambridge Analytica scandal which accessed the data of 87 million users-. Then later, Facebook announced that hackers had discovered a security flaw in “view as” feature which made them gain access to 50 million users’ data. Last but not least, just a week ago,the data of 81K account was for sale and their private messages published.


Despite the catastrophic breaches and data leaks Facebook and its family (Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger) are thriving. No wonder, It’s business as usual at Facebook because Q3 reports showed that Daily Active users were 1.49 billion in average for September 2018, an increase of 9% year-over-year.


Mobile advertising revenue represented approximately 92% of advertising revenue for the third quarter of 2018. Furthermore, it’s estimate that more than 2.6 billion people now use Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or Messenger each month. Read the whole press release here.

So Facebook is working hard on securing your data and privacy, increasing transparency and updating its services. Honestly, every month there is something new keeping us very busy.

Let’s dig in to review this past few months Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp updates and check how we can benefit from them when planning our 2019 marketing strategy.


1- Augmented Reality for the Messenger:



With more than 1.3 billion active users on Messenger, Facebook has announced in May that brands now can integrate AR into their Messenger experience. Visual messaging is a powerful way for people to connect with each other; in 2017 alone people shared over 500 billion emoji and 18 billion GIFs in Messenger.


The benefits of using AR for brands is that the inspiration and purchasing decision are intertwined, customers don’t have to wait till they visit your brick and mortar to try the product on and make a decision, but by simply opening their camera they can experience trying your product and finalize the purchase while on-the-go.


2- Instagram Story Shopping:


With more than 300 million Instagram story users, it is quite the expected move. Users can now buy your products right from Instagram stories.


3- Facebook Local:

Facebook has listened to the people and has made various changes and upgrades to help small businesses thrive, keep reading to how can your local business can get more exposure.



-Facebook had redesigned pages on mobile in many ways like you can now make a reservation, see photos, upcoming events and offers as well as, you can see Stories on Pages.

-Adding a seperate tab for brands will help your audience to find you faster. Users can now browse a “Local” section in Facebook app and a standalone Facebook Local app for businesses.


4- Facebook Watch:

Brands and creators rejoice, there is a special tab just for videos now. Facebook Watch makes it easier for users to find your videos and reports says that 45% of people watch an hour or more of video per day.

Furthermore, sharing videos for creators and brands is now exciting with Watch Party, where you can tag friends to join you in real-time and watch a video together. Watch Party is rolling out for Pages later, so this is a must-add to your marketing strategy in 2019.


5- Music on Facebook:


Music on Facebook Stories

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Facebook is finding more ways for you to share and express yourself on its platform, now you can share music on Facebook Stories. Expanding Lip Sync Live to Pages. It is a great opportunity for creators to share their music with their fans.

Moreover, Facebook is going to add lyrics to Lip Sync Live as well. Also, Facebook will soon launch Music on Profile, so anyone can add their favorite song or share what they are listening to in a new music section on their profile.


6- Messenger 4:



Messenger gets a revamp, where it’s easier to navigate, simpler. Messenger 4 has Chat tab, People’s tab and Discover tab, for a more comprehensive experience.

And many more features will be rolling out gradually, check them here.

However, one of the coolest feature is “unsend”.  According to techcrunch that Facebook announced that they are planning on adding unsend feature to its users, which allows users to delete a message from the recipient’s thread after 10 seconds of hitting the send button.


7- Facebook Dating:  

Last but not least, Facebook is dipping its toes in the dating world. It was announced in the F8, that Facebook is planning on helping people find love in the same app they visit everyday.

Users will create a dating profile separate from their personal profile and potential matches will be recommended based on dating preferences, things in common, and mutual friends.

Facebook Dating is now rolling out in Canada.


Bonus Features:

Don’t miss out this festive season and showcase your products. As per Facebook, last year there were more than 450 million views of Black Friday and other related videos over the Thanksgiving shopping weekend. This is why brands need to enhance their products with Overlays.


Video Creation Kit is a great tool for business with a budget, now you can create creative engaging videos.

FBB Blog: Making It Easier to Build Mobile-First Video Ads

Posted by Facebook Business on 2018 m. Rugpjūtis 21 d., Antradienis




Collection Ads


Brands will have the option to automatically organise products from their catalogue into more personalised groupings such as “Suggested for you” and “Most viewed” to boost engagement and conversions. Also, advertisers using the instant storefront template (previously known as Canvas) can now add a video that we’ll automatically generate, personalised with relevant products from your business’ catalogue.

Let us know in the comment below which new feature you’re planning on concentrating on in your 2019 marketing strategy.




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