6Tips & Tools to not miss the deadline of your tasks

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One of the most issues that Business identities face , that many of employees didn’t deliver their tasks within deadlines.

Some of them has issues in Time management and need more development, others need to have more clarifications about the importance of their tasks and results of miss the deadline.

Here are 6 Tips & 6 Tools to deliver your tasks & Projects on time.

A) 6 Tips to meet your deadlines.

1)  Get Clarification

Before  you receive your project or tasks , be sure you are clear on the client’s / Manager expectations.

Many o issues comes from didn’t understand the description of the project and have a lot of time to deliver with the expectations.

2) Document the tasks or Projects

From Both sides even manager or employee , Or company & Client ,

You must document tasks description and deadline with emails or contracts.

3)Work Backwards

Now that you have the set deadline, deliverables and responsibilities outlined, you need to start attaching the time dynamic to your plan.

Start from the end and create milestones to measure progress along the way. You will still have some large chunks of complex work, but the milestones will further define the most important checkpoints of the project or your tasks.

4) Break It Down and work step by step

Going back to your project / Tasks plan, take a look at the deliverables you have outlined leading up to each milestone. Break all of those large complex chunks down into small tasks and assign responsibility for each one. Each of your tasks should outline an individual action

5) You have to set extra time 

Many times when we work on Projects or tasks , we face many surprise and crisis which made delay of the deliverable of our projects / Tasks.

From this point of View , You have to make space for extra time for deliver your project / tasks

EX: if your task // Project will take day , asked for 2 days to deliver it on time.

6)Keep updates your managers or Project Stakeholders 

Create regular checkpoints for the project / tasks, so your Manager /  clients know when to expect a status update and never lose sight of the progress you’re making. Having open lines of communication with frequent check-ins is even more important if you’re working with subcontractors and/or other providers. Everyone should be working from the same timeline, task list and project information.

B)Here are 6 freeTools will Help you to don’t miss your deadline

1) Microsoft Project

MS Project office from Microsoft will help you to manage your tasks / Projects and your HR resources and handle communications with your team to work o time always.

2) Google Tasks

Allows users to access tasks in their Gmail accounts, Google Calendar, iGoogle, and through their mobile browsers. You can group tasks into lists, make notes, and set due-dates.

3) Nirvana

Still in Beta, Nirvana is a website that helps organize tasks by projects and contexts, assign tasks to contacts and follow-up emails, and set up email ticklers to remind you what you need to do

4) Ta-Da list

This is a basic to-do list website. Create your own lists, add tasks, and check off the tasks when they’re done

5) Todoist 

Tasks can have deadlines, contexts, subtasks, and priorities. Repeating tasks can be set. Integrates with Google Gadget, Gmail, Outlook. No mobile app available.

6) To DO.LY

This easy-to-use website is designed to help you simplify your life and get things done. Easy drag-and-drop user interface is simple and functional to get up and running quickly. Create projects and sub-projects, assign tasks and sub-tasks. Smart filter design around the Getting Things Done method. Not team-oriented, but good for the streamlined individual.


” Finish your tasks or manage your projects on time with quality is very important part in business process, So you have to work on your self to develop and manage your self and make your professional image by your actions and deliverables , Share with your team these Tips & Tools to make your work more easier”.

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