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Facebook is consider to be the largest platform on Social Media .

You always have to make variety in your Content Strategy and Setting your perfect one to match your audience

needs and grow your community.

Here are 64 tips will help you in setting your Facebook Strategies :


  1. Attract targeted fans.
  2. Friends of fans expand reach
  3. Engage w/fans – attract them!
  4. Speak your fans’ language
  5. Ask fans to share your post
  6. Promote posts for best reach
  7. Mine Insights for Fan data


  1. INSIGHTS tell you ,what works ?
  2. Which post has best Reach?
  3. Repeat/adapt #9 type-posts
  4. Photos & Videos= engagement
  5. Make it easy to engage
  6. Ask questions of your Audience
  7. Mix fun & informative posts (Inbound Marketing way )
  8. Post when fans are active


  1. 851×315 Timeline dimension
  2. 180×180 Profile photo size
  3. Add call-to-action to cover
  4. Announce promotions here
  5. Pinned posts = visibility
  6. Changes appear in newsfeed
  7. Using engaging apps
  8. Capture contact info w/app
  9. 3 sec to tell people essentials


  1. Rank your posts by Reach/Shares
  2. Note time of posts w/greatest Reach
  3. Identify where Page Likes came from
  4. “People Engaged” fans most valuable
  5. Where are #28 located geographically?
  6. Schedule posts for best reach to
  7. Identify Top Pages/Tabs Viewed
  8. Put lead gen on most viewed tabs


  1. Award a prize to fans who share
  2. Integrate contest from your website
  3. Host a joint contest w/colleagues
  4. Crowdsource new product ideas
  5. Ask fans to vote for their favorite
  6. Photo contests generate most activity
  7. Make entering contest simple
  8. Give away  gifts  toward your products & Services


  1. Get a large focused fan base Focusing to build Loyal Fan base.
  2. Display CTA on cover
  3. Using behavior marketing way according to interests for your audience
  4. Capture email for freebie
  5. Integrate email marketing
  6. Use targeted ads wisely
  7. Review Insights monthly
  8. Lead-to-sale takes time


  1. Reward fans who tag your biz
  2. Link to an article, video
  3. Include call-to-action
  4. Fan contest for sharing
  5. Post compelling photo
  6. Add a like box to website
  7. Keep text short, to the point
  8. Add like or call -action button to website


  1. A MUST for 2015 to reach more fans
  2. Identify ad goal: traffic, lead, sale?
  3. Boost Post is simplest way to start
  4. Target warm leads: people who already know you
  5. Local? Target geographically
  6. Analyze ad reports to find best ROI
  7. Adapt ads based on report analysis
  8. Be persistent: go from fan, to lead, to sale


“Whatever which tips you will use , You always have to listen to your customers voice and Control your strategy & Plan to achieve your goals and having great Loyal community.”


Source of tips with some updates:

“Social Media classes ”


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