6 ways to enhance Facebook reach


You are an owner of a Facebook business fan page & you think that Facebook marketing is useless? You think that Facebook is a waste of time, money & effort? Definitely you are right depends on Forrester (one of the top marketing research companies worldwide).

Last November Forrester has revealed a marketing research about how companies are wasting time, money & effort on Facebook marketing because of Facebook post reach only 2% of fans with interaction rate 0.07% for instance, if you have a 100,000 fan page that is mean your Facebook post reach only 2000 (100,000*2%) and who interact with this post are 70 (100,000*0.07%).

Nate Elliott (Vice president and principal analyst at Forrester) says that “at Facebook, paid ads are in, organic reach is out and this put business owners in a bad situation and companies should depend on other marketing tools such as email marketing which has a 90% reach for your customers”

And this is not the first time for Forrester Company (Especially Nate Elliott) to criticize Facebook marketing.

In October 2013 Nate Elliott writes an article titled “An Open Letter to Mark Zuckerberg (CEO & Founder at Facebook)”, in this article Nate claimed that Facebook is one of the top reasons for marketer failure because they pay a lot of money for Facebook advertising & they don’t get something in return.

At the same article Nate says that he made a marketing research for 395 marketing specialist from top companies in USA, England & Canada and he found that Facebook gives the least return compared with search engine marketing or email marketing.

All of that push companies towards decreasing from Facebook marketing value because of low reach & low engagement rate, which forces companies to increase the advertising budget on Facebook.

Of course we can’t blame these companies because we know that companies don’t like increasing advertising budget and we also can’t blame these companies because it is hard to follow Facebook algorithm changes.

But, what is the best solution? Leaving Facebook? Definitely not.

In this article we will discuss how to increase Facebook reach from the expert’s point of view:

1) Use 10-4-1 (It is not a football squad)

Mike Gingerich (Co-Founder, TabSite) : As a general rule, plan for 10 posts that are helpful, fun, entertaining and social as you prepare content to share on Facebook. This is likely not your own content but content of others you have found that your audience would find useful and relevant.

The “4” should be four posts related to your brand. This can be status updates that send fans to your blog.

Keep your sales pitch down to that 1 post that drives them to your site for a compelling special offer or deal.

2) Boost Your Important Posts

Scott Ayres (Author of Facebook All-in-One for Dummies) advise us to pay a small amount of money for our important posts to get more reach.

3) Get Personal

Jenn Herman (Social Media Strategist) says that personal look for your business content will always get positive results and these posts will gather more and more likes, comments & shares so the reach is high and also the interaction rate.

4) Post at 2 A.M. Daily

Alex Houg (CEO, BlitzMetrics) advise us to post at 2 A.M. daily because you will face a less competition (to appear on someone newsfeed) at that hour.

5) Conversation Is the New King

Ravi Shukle (Social Media Strategist), we always talk about that content is the king (Definitely yes) but Ravi thinks that it’s more important to join and contribute to discussions because of the more engagement of your post receives the more interaction and reach that you have.

6)  Focus On A Multi-Channel Strategy

Jim Belosic (Overlord, ShortStack) says that “As a general rule, the best way to combat declining reach in one area is to boost reach everywhere else”.

Jim asks us to focus on a multi-channel strategy that brings your audience to all of your online channels, including Facebook because the key is to focus on your business’s goals.

If your business goal is to get more people engaged then start reaching them everywhere.

Your turn:

What so you think about these ways? Do you think that these are useful ways? If you implement any of these ways explain to us what is the effect on Facebook reach.

If you have another way, let us see this way in the comments.

Thanks to: Forrester research – Topdogsocialmedia

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