6 Reasons for generating a negative feedback for El-Dondo Ad | Juhaina

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At the beginning of ramadan 2016 campaigns race , Juhaina launched it’s first ad for ramadan campaign.

The first ad making a huge BUZZ  in Egypt for the most trending word “الدندو ” 

Fast look for El-Dondo Ad:

The first Feedback of the audience is making laugh for it’s sense of humor:

positive Juhayna

After that there are an other wave for negative feedback and Juhayna social media team didn’t reply for this comments and reply mainly for the positive one:

Negative 1negative 2

didn't answer

After that a new direction happen by | Healthy Egyptian society showing the harmful impact for childs from this Ad :

Negative 3


And Women of Egypt post a statement to promote stop buying Juhayna products according the sexual overtones in the ad plus in addition encouraging harassment of women:

Negative 4

During this negative wave , Juhayna didn’t post any statement for clarification or dealing with this matter and focusing on the trending ad and the positive feedback only. 

Through imfnd Social media channels , Our social media analytics team share the insights of the first ad as the following:


The first ad and the trending word “الدندو ” make a huge buzz and number of interactions through the different social media channels , But Juhayna team have not to neglect the other negative buzz across the campaign and they have to deal with it in the right time.

Here also some of our fans negative comments for this insights for Juhauna ad:

Negative 7

Negative 8

After neglecting this tone of voice the Egyptian protection agency ban 4 ads one of them Juhayna ad | الدندو  

Negative 6

Here are sample for how audience received this decision :

Negative 5El-dondoell dendo 2el dendo 3

Conclusion of the top 6 reasons which generating this negative feedback:

  1. This ad is not suitable for juhayna buyer personas , as the kids are around 2 years old or less and they didn’t offer milk for infants and many of mothers see this kind of concept will encourage people for the Artificial milk.
  2. The word of “الدندو ” generate a negative feedback as many women consider it as insulting and encourage people for encouraging harassment of women even by word!.
  3. Encourage kids for sharing a non traditional words which not suitable to the egyptian culture.
  4. Don’t reply to the negative comments and handle it in an efficient way.
  5. Don’t post any statement before facing this crisis and before making another buzz but as negative buzz.
  6. Don’t post any statement also to reply for the Egyptian Protection agency decision.

To Juhayna Team:

In marketing field , It’s usual that we imagine that our ideas will be the perfect one and you try to make a new direction using sense of humor this year ,

Our recommendation is posting a clear statement and handle the negative feedback which will show your respect to your audience and will re-generate again a positive one.


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