6 Magician steps making a positive buzz for Magdi Yacoub Foundation campaign

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6 Magician steps making a positive buzz for Magdi Yacoub Foundation campaign

Although that Dr. Magdi Yacoub don’t speak in this ad , But his appearance with the popular celebrities.

Step 1:  Choose the simple and creative lyrics through a great song:

Simple, creative and effective lyrics which provide the fans with a beautiful atmosphere and joyness including  a colourful scenes

Step 2:  Choosing popular celebrities from different industry:

Choosing perfectly various popular celebrities like: 

  • Athletes: 

– Mahmoud El-Khatib | Hazem Emam | Houssam Ghaly | Ramadan Sobhy | Kahraba

  • Singers:

Mohamed Hamaky | Donia Samir Ghanim | Boy band

  • Actors:

Esaad Younis | Nelly Karim | Egyptian Theatre Band |

Step 3: The interesting song:

  • All stars gathering for spreading the marketing message for encouraging people for charity work.
  • The nice Lyrics in the song which was written by | Amir Teama
  • Amazing voice over from all stars and the harmony between them.

Step 4: The scene of appearance of the Child with Dr.Magdi Yacoub

This scene of the appearance the child with Dr.Magdi Yacoub in the theatre deliver to us a touchable message for how the charity work can change life and how he is close to the children.

Step 5: Make great and effective Buzz on social media channels:

Till Now the campaign making a great results within few hours:

On Twitter:


YouTube: 104,096 views
– 9 K Likes
– 98% Positive feedback according to sentiment analysis | imfnd Social media team work


Step 6 : Choose an effective slogan | #ارسم_قلب which being Top trend hashtag in Egypt within few hours.

Magdi Yacoub Foundation Heart Campaign:


Audience Voice:

Magdimagdi 2

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