6 Lessons from The Lord of the Rings Movie will help marketers

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6 Lessons from The Lord of the Rings Movie will help marketers

We are going to dive into “The Lord of the Rings” world and extract a set of professional lessons that will positively affect our lives.

1-    Choose the right team members:

The difference and diversity of characters and ideas always have a hand on the success of any team. As we can see in the movie, the team contained jinn, humans, dwarves, and hubs. Jinn who represents the wisdom, humans who represent strength and courage, dwarves who can deal with difficult conditions and the hubs which are the fastest and most dangerous.

2-    Trust yourself, even if you don’t have more experience:

Despite the small size of the hobbits compared to the rest of the central territories population, they have very high abilities and intelligence and their ideas influenced the whole journey. You also need to have faith in yourself in any difficult situation to be able to deal with it.

3-    Teamwork is important:

You always have to cooperate with others even if you are the best among them.

For example, however, the guild of the jinn is the strongest, wisest and the most knowledgeable, he was seeking to create alliance to bring the ring because everyone has different strength point and when they gather all these points together they will get better results.

4-    Do not listen to disappointing thoughts:

We saw previously the two towers were trying to convince the king that he was weak and to put pessimistic ideas into his head to break his will in fighting and be easy to defeat.

5-    Always take the risk:

You have to take the risk but before you do this you need to think carefully. As we saw in the movie, the war decision was always difficult, it was a true decision of “Aragorn” who took this decision wisely and had a lot of sacrifices.

6-    The lesson is always at the end:

Despite the difficulties they encountered in their journey, they overcame all the difficulties they have faced. This led to their plan success as they reached their goal and also discovered the capabilities and strength within themselves.

Always look at the end of the journey or the road you are going to take, you will find that you gain a lot of experience that will make your personality better.

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