5 steps to improve enforcement and transparency of ads on Facebook.

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 Facebook does his best to keep the platform safe from interference.

So, Facebook is sharing steps and more details about the updates, let’s talk about the 5 steps with more details.

  • 1- Making advertising more transparent:

     They are building new tools that will allow us to see the other ads a page is running as well.

  Even if we aren’t the direct target of this ads.

   And they take actions when people report ads that violate the policies.


  • 2-Strengthening enforcement against improper ads.

    Facebook use both automated and manual review but they are changing the ads review  system to pay more attention to these signals.

   In addition to more than 1000 people will add to reviews teams over the next year.


  • 3-Tightening restrictions on advertising content:

      They are expanding the policies to prevent ads that use even more subtle expressions of   violence.


  • 4-Increasing requirements for authenticity:

    Updating the policies to require more through documentation from advertisers who want  to run us fedral election related ads.

 Potential advertisers will have to confirm the business or organization they represent                                before they can buy ads.


  • 5-Establishing industry standards and best practices:

  •  They said that “We are reaching out to leaders in our industry and governments around  the world to share information on bad actors and make sure they stay off all platforms.”

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