5 SEO Mistakes Most Blogs Make

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Is your content great, but not ranking? Let’s explore five common blogging mistakes you may be making right now.

#1 Unoptimized keyword structure

Despite the rise of semantic search and machine learning technology, keyword research should still take precedence when modeling an internal content marketing campaign. All on-site content should be thematically linked by topics and keywords to your overall business objectives.


#2 Inconsistent internal links

Internal linking is probably one of the most overlooked aspects of SEO optimization, and issues with internal links frequently occur on SEO agency websites themselves!


#3 Poor page copy

It’s important to write for readers and not search engines. Keep the content light, don’t try to show off knowledge with excessive jargon, and write for readers on an eighth-grade reading level.


#4 Unoptimized images and videos

Speaking of poor page copy, most bloggers still ignore image and video optimization. Unoptimized image file formats and sizes are the most common load time mistakes that deteriorate SEO performance.


#5 Poor content promotion

Imagine, after writing the Theory of Relativity, Einstein had simply posted his theory on his front door and waited for someone to discover it? Content distributed over a blog on a young domain won’t gather backlinks or social shares without promotion.

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