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Ramadan is the month of charity and good deeds. It is the time for non-profitable organizations to shine and deliver powerful messages when the target audience is in a charitable mindset.

The challenge is to create adverts with positive messages and uplifting tunes to convey good feelings into the audience which results in outstanding results. Contrary to the depressing ads, the ones filled with despair and guilt. They both fulfill their purposes in delivering the message, but brand awareness is significantly higher when the message is positive.

The ripple effect begins with a single idea, comment or endorsement that gains attention and starts the ball rolling. In the world of social media, ideas expand quickly, and the attention they get can expand from a trickle to a raging river nearly instantaneously. This is what Hospital 500 500 achieved this Ramadan.

Hospital 500 500 ft Hamaki has created what is arguably Ramadan 2019 best advert ever!

The Children’s Cancer Hospital 500 500 released Ramadan 2019 advert featuring many stars ( Yousra, Laila Elwy, Hazem Emam, Aser Yassin, Amr Youssef and other celebrites)

The most memorable one is “قادرين نعملها ” campaign’s slogan which considered to be  the motivational, uplifting and happy song by Mohamed Hamaki.

The ad has gained 1.1M views on YouTube. On Facebook the ad gained 572K views and 26K engagement. 

Check the 5 reasons which could make this ad win the Golden medal in Ramadan 2019

  1. The song lyrics convey strength, optimism and fierce will only fit for the little superheroes they are.
  2.  The vivid, colorful ad showcased beautiful, persistent children who are optimistic, playful.
  3. Motivational message under the name “قادرين نعملها “ encourage everyone to support and be part of this great work.
  4. Choosing popular celebrities from different industries to spread the positive vibes through this superb advert.
  5. Hamaki performing as the lead vocalist is a great choice featuring great song.  We wish all charity ads gave off the same vibes, as not everyone is motivated by fear.

Sample of just how much this advert succeeded in spreading positive energy:


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