5 Reasons why Nestlé & Souq.com are changing the E-Commerce Landscape in Egypt

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In a big step will change the future of the E-commerce industry in MENA , 

Nestlé undergoes a partnership agreement with Souq.com in order to sell its product through the biggest online retailer across MENA.

Here are 5 Reasons on how Nestlé & Souq.com will change the E-Commerce industry Landscape:

  1. Nestlé is the first Food & Beverage Company in Egypt to start selling its products online through Souq.com.


ecommerce 72.Nestlé analyzes the transformation of the digital consumer behavior and takes the right actions to lead the Food & Beverage industry towards this new step.

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3.Souq.com continues to lead online retail for launching this new partnership with a leader in Food & Beverage category like Nestlé which will increase also the online buying cycle after adding Nestlé’s Products and increase the online visitors as they are also making promotions dedicated for whom will buy Nestlé’s products.

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4.Your orders will not have any Shipping fees and you will be able to buy all Nestlé’s products in a simple and convenient manner.

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5.According to imfnd sources, we expect that other FMCG players inspired by this step to follow suit and adopt similar initiatives in the upcoming weeks, which will make Nestle’ & Souq.com the pioneers of the E-Commerce industry towards the Food & Beverage sector.

You can check Nestlé Egypt page on Souq.com from here:


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