5 New Facebook Ad Features You Need To Explore

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Facebook has been rolling out new updates to make the campaigns more effective to encourage marketers to spend more on their ads.

The power of this updates is that will support the other campaigns and activities you are running on the other channels.

Here are seven updates in the last few months you need to consider them in the new strategy of 2017:

1. Fan Page Engagement Custome Audience

Thanks to the new features of targeting custom audience you can now target anyone and everyone:

  • Visited your page
  • Engaged with your post or ad
  • Clicked any call to action button
  • Sent a message to your page
  • Saved your page or post

Now you can find the best audience to promote your content without depending on your luck trying to find a new audience.

2. Advanced Events Combinations

Facebook algorism don’t depend on retargeting or remarketing but it depends on following up the interest that the users expressed across the platform.

So Facebook rolled out new advanced event combinations to make rules for targeting based on users actions.

For example:

you can set rules based on (items numbers – dollar amount value in the cart – etc….)

3. Target those how opened lead ad form

Customer journey before purchasing something new, they visit the platform or website many times before taking the decision.

But there is a problem many of leads don’t complete the process due to many factors.

Here comes the new feature of targeting that you can target the audience who opened your ad lead form and didn’t complete the process.

Although you can target the people who were interested but didn’t follow them.

4. Targeting those who opened the canvas

Canvas is a new exciting feature from Facebooks allows you to integrate photos, videos, links, and call to actions.

With this new targeting features, you can only target the people who Opened or clicked on any link in you canvas ads this will allow you to build brand new audience on mobile.

5. Video New Audience

We all know how Facebook love videos.

So now Facebook Creates new targeting options based on audience behavior towards videos.

Share with us if you have tried one of this new targeting features or not 🙂 ?

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