5 metrics to measure the success of Facebook videos

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Let’s face it, the video is the highest-converting medium in the social media space. But why does video convert more? Simply stated, it’s more human. The movement more closely represents life. If it’s a video with people in it, faces give off emotional cues we understand and identify with.

Here are the metrics that matter the most for video performance:

1. View-through rate

This metric tells you how many people your video reaches and how many of those who were “reached” viewed the video. A video view is often defined by watching the video for at least three seconds (though Facebook’s newer average watch time replaces that metric).

2. 10-second video views

The next metric you want to monitor is how many of your views turn into 10-second views. You want to be able to figure out how many quality views you are receiving for your video.

3. Video engagement

When it comes to your video, positive engagement is important. Typically, nearly 9 percent of your entire reach is able to view your video. So if you have 100 fans, only nine of them will see your video.

4. Video average watch time

We know that if people watch more than three seconds of your video, then it results in a “video view.” If they watch 10 seconds or more of that same video, that’s a fairly high level of engagement. When the average view time gets up to this point, it indicates that people are consuming your content, and the result is positive sentiment.

5. Video length

Ideally, you want the length of your video to be around 20 to 90 seconds. Anything beyond may suffer when it comes to engagement.

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