3 reasons will make Carrier win the Golden buzz in Ramadan 2017

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Between the jam of campaigns in every Ramadan, there is always some adverts win the golden buzz and attract many social media users to interact with the campaign.

One of the brands who has won the Golden buzz and make social media users talk about the campaign is Carrier Egypt under the name “لا شيء يفوق منى لا شيء يفوق كاريير”.

What do you think make this campaign successful?!

First, let’s start with some stats about the campaign at the 7th day of Ramadan:

Second lets’ see what is the main factors that make this campaign successful:

  1. The scenario is built on the sense of humor and they also represented the features of the air condition in a light way that makes the audience ask about It and don’t forget it.

  1. They used actors looks like many people who live among us, the man who is trying to show that he knows everything and the women “in love with the takeef” because her friend “Mona” has the same air condition

  1. Finally, they don’t stop at publishing a campaign and using a tradition way in replying on comments but they created replies from the campaign.


In my opinion, carrier made one of a successful campaign during Ramadan 2017. Share with us your opinion about this campaign.


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