3 Reasons for the success of the 500 500 Hospital advert | التحدى هو زين

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500 500 Hospital campaign was based on the element of suspense to promote the donation message in a different way this year!

The campaign began on the 1st day of Ramadan with a group of people talking about Zain without clarifying who is Zain.

After that, they announced at the 4th day of Ramadan who is Zain

Zain is a boy who has 10 years old and he is a cancer patient. Zain then talked about the stages he experienced during the disease.

Zain’s mother explained her suffering since her knowledge of her son’s illness and how that feeling is very difficult but only can be tolerated if there is a cure. Zain is being treated for cancer in the USA.

At the end of the campaign, Zain’s mother illustrated the importance of donation to 500 500 Hospital to treat cancer for free by saying that every mother who has a patient son deserves to find a place that can treat him regardless of his condition using the latest global possibilities.

Check the tone of voice of the audience:

Reasons for the success of the 500 500 Hospital advertising:

  1. Advertising depends on the element of suspense.
  2. They used the storytelling way.
  3. They used the emotional way.


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