3 facts behind Pepsi VS Coca-Cola Ramadan 2015 campaign

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Every Ramadan we are waiting the Derby between Pepsi & Coca-Cola campaign.

Pepsi start it’s teaser campaign in Ramadan 2015  on 21 June

And launched it’s full campaign on 25 June


On the Other hand Coca-Cola waiting till 2 July and published 4 video in just one day include it’s teaser campaign

with new movement in the Egyptian market and Digital marketing field to launch it’s campaign Digitally only

focus on ( YouTube – Facebook – Twitter – Sound cloud ) and will invest to develop 100 village in Egypt as CSR

instead of making tv ads .

This is the first time from top brands to make this step and making full digital campaign with 5 videos in just  1 day.






Here we would like to share with you 3 facts behind Pepsi & Coca-Cola campaign :

1) Idea of the campaign.


Pepsi this year continue the Nostalgia way which focus on last 3 years starting from 2013.

with adding more people from the past like Ahmed Zaki .

Also it’s spread video of  “Capital cities ” on Social Media same like Pepsi campaign idea from April 2013 with more than 202 million views on YouTube.


Coca-cola this year making the Global idea about “Let’s take an extra second Experiment”

which made from first time in April 2015 in Spain and localize it on Egyptian market with Egyptian case studies

and also listening from Coca-Cola fans




2) Feedback till 03 July


Most common positive feedback about appearance of Ahmed Zaki and his son Haitham zaki and try to communicate with his father and making his famous actions , and appearance of main characters which we used to see in Ramadans.














Most Negative feedback about making same idea and same way for 3 continues years with no updating.


The most common positive feedback about making investment to develop 100 village and the step of making it Digitally only making good feedback about this step also .

the most common negative feedback about taken global idea and expectation to make new idea dedicated to the Egyptian market .

3) Stats of the 2 campaigns 

Till 3 July pepsi reached 5,515,277 views from 3 videos on YouTube starting from 21 June .

Coca-Cola reached 414,341 view from 5 videos on YouTube starting from 2 July.

What’s you think about Pepsi & Coca-Cola campaign this year ? and your expectation of their results till end of Ramadan ?.



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