16 Social Media News And Updates You May Have Missed

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Today we will share together what happens last week across the social network:

First Facebook

 1) Facebook Announces Free Version of Facebook Workplace

Facebook’s launching a new, freemium version of their professional platform, Workplace, as part of an effort to boost take-up of the tool.

Workplace is Facebook, but on an enclosed network. The Workplace platform has all the regular Facebook features, including News Feed, Groups, even Facebook Live, but it operates separate from your personal Facebook account, and only includes people from within your organization.

2) Facebook launches new tools to combat revenge porn

‘Revenge porn’ is the term used for when a person shares sexually explicit images of somebody without their consent

“Today, we are announcing new tools to help people when intimate images are shared on Facebook without their permission. When this content, often referred to as “revenge porn,” is reported to us, we can now prevent it from being shared on Facebook, messenger and Instagram. This is part of our ongoing effort to help build a safe community on and off Facebook.” – Facebook mentioned in their blog earlier.

3) Facebook’s Experimenting with alternative News Feed to Boost Content Discovery

When tapped, the rocket tab takes you to a listing of posts which Facebook thinks you might be interested in, based on your behavior and the actions of those within your network. The listing includes articles, videos, images, all from sources you don’t follow, but that Facebook thinks you might want to see.

4) Facebook’s providing a New Personal Fundraising Option, Expanding Donate Buttons in Facebook Live

The process here is fairly straightforward – if you have a personal cause you want to promote, you can now create a Page to raise funds for that cause, where people will be able to donate via secure payments without leaving Facebook. Once they’ve donated, they’ll also be able to forward your message to more people, raising awareness of your campaign.


5) Facebook Messenger’s AI ‘M’ suggests features use based on your conversation

Facebook’s artificial intelligence assistant will privately interject these recommendations above the redesigned one-line message composer in your Messenger conversations, and your friends won’t see the results unless you approve. M Suggestions roll out to all IOS and Android users in the U.S. with more countries coming.


6) Facebook Just Rolled Out Tools That Will Help Marketers Measure and Predict Campaign Performance

Facebook is rolling out a handful of new tools that let marketers take a deeper dive into campaign performance in hopes of providing more transparency about how ads do on the social network.

7) Facebook adds email signup & Page Like call-to-action buttons to Instant Articles

Facebook rolled out an improvement to its Instant Articles feature that now lets publishers include call-to-action units in their articles to better connect with readers, including those that encourage email sign-ups and Page Likes.

8) Facebook Continues battle against fake news with new educational resource

Facebook has revealed their latest tool in the battle against fake news, with a new set of tips to help users identify false reports, which will be highlighted at the top of people’s News Feeds over the next few days.

Second Twitter

 1) Businesses can now share and request locations in Direct Messages

Now businesses can request and share locations with people. Alongside quick replies, welcome messages and Customer Feedback Cards, Also another feature in the canvas they are providing for businesses to create great human- and bot-powered customer experiences on Twitter.

2) Twitter launches a ‘lite’ mobile web app



Third Snapchat

 1) Snapchat’s Adding a New Content Search Option to Boost User Engagement


Fourth LinkedIn

 1) LinkedIn Adds Lead Generation Forms to Streamline Mobile Response

LinkedIn has this week announced the addition of lead generation forms, a new ad offering which will enable advertisers to more easily collect information from users, with the data auto-populated based on their LinkedIn profile.

Fifth Google

 1) YouTube has officially launched YouTube TV


2) YouTube will no longer allow creators to make money until they reach 10,000 views

YouTube has announced a change to its partner program today. From now on, creators won’t be able to turn on monetization until they hit 10,000-lifetime views on their channel. YouTube believes that this threshold will give them a chance to gather enough information on a channel to know if it’s legit. And it won’t be so high as to discourage new independent creators from signing up for the service.


3) Google adds fact check to global search results in the war against fake news

Google is upping the ante in its battle against fake news and false information on the web by introducing fact checks from third parties in its search and news results.


Sixth Pinterest

 1) Pinterest Now Up to 175 Million Active Users

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