15 Chrome Extension for Digital Marketers

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As digital marketers, the browsers are the main gate to the internet. If you are using Google Chrome as a default browser, this post will improve your work performance.

1. Bitly

This extension allows you to shorten an URL with one click.

2. HootSuite

This extension allows you to search on social media at the same time as searching on Chrome, share on social media while browsing, create messages, highlight text or images, schedule posts (on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn), and more.

3. Google Page Analytics

This extension allows you to receive data about the behavior of surfers on the page displayed in the browser

4. LastPass

This extension allows you to save usernames, passwords, forms auto-fill, credit information, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, etc. LastPass enables managing passwords through one main panel.

5. Awesome Screenshot

This extension allows you to highlight, circle, enlarge, add comments to, etc to your screenshot.

6. Grammarly

This extension protects you from spelling or grammar errors.

7. VidIQ

This extension provides you with data about YouTube videos.

8. Tag Assistant

This extension which enables checking the implementation of various Google tags such as the Analytics tag, conversion tracking tags, re-marketing of Google Adwords campaigns and more.

9. OneTab

This extension designed to make life easier for people who during their work accumulate a large number of windows simultaneously open in the Chrome browser. Clicking on the OneTab icon will convert all the windows that are open to a list

10. Giphy

This extension allows you to easily add GIF images to e-mails, posts, or any other content you work on. The extension provides access to a database of images that are permitted for use.

11. MozBar

This extension designed to display data on the status of sites and pages in terms of organic promotion (SEO).

12. Feedly

This extension designed to make it easier to manage RSS (Rich Site Summary or more commonly known as Really Simple Syndication).

13. Save to Pocket

This extension allows you to save any page with a click and sync with all your devices (tablet, Ios, or Android).

14. BuzzSumo

This extension allows you to view data on Shares, Likes, Pins (on Pinterest), and +1 (on Google+).

15. Pablo

An extension by Buffer, into which you can enter any text or image (right-click on them and choose to open in Pablo) and then edit them easily to fit for posting on different social platforms such as Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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