12 Tips to make your customers happy and love your brand

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Many customers price is not always the deciding factor when choosing between your brand and competitors. As long as you offer good value, other features become key to the decision making process, such as Caring for your customers in their Journey with your brand , the power of your brand, the attractiveness of your website, your quality of service and other intangible factors and Building community with them to gain them as friends too.

Here are 12 Tips to make your customers happy and love your Brand :

1) Build customer happiness by meeting their Expectations

The minimum requirement to simply stay in business to survive is to meet the expectations of your customers. At this level, your customers have no complaints. They are satisfied for the moment but at this point, If a competitor demonstrates that it can and will do more to meet their expectations, your customer will very quickly become ex-customers.

2) Exceed your Customer Expectation

This higher level of customer satisfaction is reached by surprising your customers, Building community with them , going beyond what they expected. Being  friendly and care about thier goals and needs with good customer service, followed up by a phone call or meeting to make sure everything is all right.

3) Share your values

To build a strong relationship with your customers, you have to share your &  their values together to be on same track.

4) Create a sense of community

With so many social media platforms, there is no excuse for not creating a community. Communities are an effective way to start a conversation with your customers and encourage user-generated content.

5) Always listen (carefully) to what your customers are saying

You are no longer talking at customers, you are talking with them. And it is time you truly started to listen to what they have to say. Your clients and customers are the heroes of your business, and not taking their feedback into account may cause backlash.

6) Admit when you make a mistake

Mistakes happen and customers have many platforms to share their experiences with your company. Don’t get defensive or sensitive if you get called out on something that was your fault. Instead, use these platforms to take responsibility and resolve the issue.

7) Treat a Customer Like a Valued Partner

Take your customer’s feedback seriously and act upon reasonable requests. What’s the point of listening if you’re not going to act on that feedback? Make sure it’s clear that you want your customer’s feedback and that your business truly values them as a partner with you .

8) If there is some kind of an issue, resolve it immediately

If you have a customer with a problem, resolve it immediately. Nothing makes a customer feel more valued and important than when you drop everything to solve their problem.

9) Have the right employees

Employees are extremely important for improving customer loyalty. Employees who buy into the culture are more likely to share their excitement with friends, family and Customers .Make sure your employees have the proper training and tools to enhance the customer experience and caring about them .

10) Offer a loyalty program

Go beyond a reward system and initiate a loyalty program for your customers. Building a loyal customer base helps in several ways ,it saves you from spending big marketing Budget to constantly find new customers, and it helps build a loyal customer base.

11) Reward loyal customers

Offering free goods, discounts and special buying opportunity to regular customers shows them that you value their custom and keeps them coming through the door. Also making gathering for networking with them and building strong community .And of course, it keeps them loving your brand!

12) Deliver and customize your services according to your customer feedback 

Always take actions towards your customers feedback and requirements , always make their voice valuable for your brand and take the right actions to serve them which will make them love your brand and be Loyal.

Summary :

A Satisfied Customer is the best Business Strategy of all.


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