12 reasons makes Deadpool deserving an Oscar

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On March 27, 2015 Deadpool starts its marketing campaign on social media using an engaged way with social media fans, How they do that:

Get personal:

Social media isn’t about sharing news, updates and trying to sell your products or services. Try to reach your customers by personal content.



Let them asking:

Fans need to ask you questions, so let them ask, Deadpool’s producer Simon Kinberg is here to answer.



Key influencers:

Social Media influencers are everywhere, and they are talking about you, Mohamed Heneedy (Egyptian Actor) commented on a post on Deadpool, We all know that Heneedy’s lovers are in the cinema right now watching Deadpool.

Take your mom and watch Deadpool movie with Deadpool himself, That encourages Mohamed Heneedy to ask Deadpool that he can watch the movie with his mom without Deadpool in between.





Reply to your haters:

Never ever ignore replying to your haters, don’t cut them off by blocking, Try to be nice with a funny way, Watch how Deadpool reacts to a hater.



Make yourself a parody (Not suitable for all brands):

Deadpool a superhuman (He is not like Superman), He always uses the sense of humor, Deadpool’s marketing team try to use a sense of humor using social media.



Engage with influencers with a funny way:

Deadpool team engages with influencers with a funny way, they are asking Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) about his claw.



Use the events with your own way:

That’s how Deadpool celebrates mother’s day.



Let the fans engage:

Using a hashtag #Tickpics, Deadpool is trying to engage with his fans by showing their tickets.

Deadpool also invites people to go to a pool party and share their photos with Deadpool





Be grateful:

Send thanks to your fans, they deserve it.



Exploit the trending:

Deadpool exploits the Oscars by putting his name on all the Academy awards.




Have fun with others:

Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool main actor) made an ad for Hyundai US, Deadpool put a little junk in the Hyundai trunk.

Watch the ad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ih4VYnbm6Sw


Interact with other movies:

Deadpool team interaction with other films, Like 127 Hours.

127 Hours: An adventure mountain climber (James Franco) trapped in the mountain.














Wait, Wait, Wait, We forgot to say that “Don’t ever like a post you posted”


Marketers, It’s Thursday night, Are you watching Deadpool in cinema right now?


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