11 Tips for making Custom Audience Campaign on FACEBOOK

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Facebook have many types of ads to make your campaign , So the most important part is defining your marketing scope and goal to achieve it through the different marketing channels. 

Bring your laptop NOW and prepare a cup of coffee and let’s make today a custom audience campaign through Facebook!

Here are are 11 Tips for making a custom audience campaign:

1) Open your Facebook account and choose Create Ads:


12) Open Power Editor:


3) Click on Create Audience 


4) Choose Custom Audience:


5) Choose your suitable type for creating Custom Audience :

There are 3 Types for creating custom audience audience list:

A) Upload your customer emails on facebook or phone numbers.

B) Create List for your specific landing page on your website visits or on your main website page.

C) Create a list for your customers who made action on your APP and target them.




6) For uploading your customers data to target them will be as the following:

A) Upload your customers file include their emails and phone numbers.

B) Copy – Paste your customers emails or phone numbers or Facebook ID.

C) Import from mailchimp , You can import from third party called Mailchimp – Its a email marketing tool.


7) If you choose Targeting your website visitors will be through your main website page or through a specific website page on the hand give a name for your audience list and don’t forget to click on create audience


8) NOW your Website Custom audience are ready for targeting and tracking


89) I HEAR NOW A Question about how we can get our pixel code for conversion , It will be as the following:


10) Step 2 for getting your pixel code:


11) Add now your pixel Code on your website page which will use it for tracking your customers and copy-paste the code , After that put it in your website page  as the following :



Congrats , We just finish our custom audience campaign whatever your audience list type!

Your Turn:

  1. Facebook is like any other marketing tool , So you have to define your SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE for your campaign.
  2. After defining your objective CHOOSE THE SUITABLE OBJECTIVE through the different Facebook ads types.
  3. You have always to make control on your campaign and make AB testing campaign to achieve your goal from your campaign.
  4. Share this article through your team and explain it to them.
  5. Don’t be panic for trying new methods and types for your advertising plan.

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