11 Steps to make your landing page through Google Forms by your self

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In your marketing activity you need several times to make landing pages for different marketing objectives. 

Some of these objectives :

A) Making registration form for leads generation.

B) Making Survey.

C) Create your event landing page.

Here you are 11 steps to create your own landing page in a simple way:

 1) First step go to website of google forms :


and click on google forms.



2) Click + icon on the left and create a new form.



3) Name your landing page and optimize  form setting 

After that start write your questions in ” Question Title ”



4) Choose your question type 

“Text – paragraph text – Multi choice

Checkboxes – Choose from a list – Scale – Grid ”



5) Making variety in your questions type. 



6) Write your final message after finish registration as you want and check settings of the confirmation page 



7) You will find send form to different channels like Facebook , Twitter and Google +

and the specific email to send Via




8) You will find option on the top button ” Change Theme” and on the right multi choices for themes to choose




9) If you want to connect this form with your website in a separate landing page:

a: make new page on your website

b: click on embed page button

c: paste the HTML Code in your page on website



10) Check your audience response by click on “View responses ” 



11) You can import your responses through excel sheet or share it with your colleagues. 




“Now your landing page is ready to use to help you in your marketing activity. “


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