11 Reasons to use Buzzsumo for your content marketing

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Are you any kind of marketer, website owner, or content creator? If you haven’t heard of BuzzSumo yet, then it’s time you did.

Content is one of those things that a site always needs and needs it to be high quality. Once you create that high-quality content, how do you get it to convert?

There’s a new and easier way to get your content out there and to make it popular: that solution is BuzzSumo.

There are endless things you can do with BuzzSumo:


1- Find the Most Shared Content + Influential Authors For A Topic


2- Identifying Most Shared Content for a Domain 



3-  See The type of content shared the most by your persona and the most shared topics. 



4- Monitor a Topic, Brand, Backlinks or an Author



5- Find the Most Shared Facebook Posts


 6-Viewing Who Linked To An Article



7-Identifying Who Shared An Article

8-Identifying Influencers For A Topic


9-Identifying the Links Shared by an Influencer

10-See What’s Trending Today


11-Run a Content Analysis Report For a Topic or Domain



 12- see influencers in your industry and their followers to inform persona details.

13-find common topics and areas where their are content gaps for your persona.

14- find the most common questions and gaps in understanding about topics.

15- see social networks where content is most sherd. 


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