10 Tips & Tricks guide you to edit your Sponsored Posts

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Many times after you run your Facebook Campaign, you discover that you have to edit on your post  add text or delete an offer which was expired , etc  after run it.

Here are Tips & Tricks to how to edit your Sponsered campaign :

1: Define your Post ( We will take a real  example about Social Media Training campaign and how to edit it  ) 






















2: Go to Manage ads page and click on your ad which you want to edit 







3: Click on your ad set  






4: Click on your post Ad link 







5: Go to the right column and click on edit icon in the creative section

















6: Go to the Boosted page post 












7: Choose another post and click 












8: After choosing the new post from Boosted Page , save it and close.


9: Go to your original post and edit it 


















10: After edit it Return to Steps 6 & 7 on your boosted Page posts and choose again your original post and Save .













“Now Your campaign is ready after editing it , Just Focus in your other steps for your campaign objectives to achieve your marketing goals 🙂 “

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