10 Tips for writing your articles titles to be more attractive and shareable

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Your Content consider for adding values to your audience, this is the key of success for your brand.

Content marketing is about a holistic data-driven approach to marketing that attracts individuals to your brand and convert them into lasting customers.

So if you want to make community and transfer your relationship with your customers to be  your friends and ambassadors , You must share valuable content with them to add value not only selling your products .

Here are 10 Tips for writing your articles titles to be more attractive and shareable

  1. Numbered List: 10 SM Mistakes everyone makes
  2. How to: How to write a blog post that drives 10x more traffic
  3. Case Study: How we grow our Pinterest followers 10 times in one week
  4. Lesson learned: Top lessoned learned about marketing from watching Kotler’s kitchen
  5. Reasons, why: Why you can’t afford to ignore blogging?
  6. Provocative Question: Are you making the 10 biggest mistakes in Digital Marketing?
  7. News Headline: Announcing New blogging for business training this September
  8. Direct and specific: Free Google+ Report!
  9. Command: Get better Result tomorrow by reading this post
  10. Irresistible: How Google Changes may be destroying your email strategy

So, what are the 3’s Of Successful Content Marketing:

1: Be Searchable.

2: Be Snackable.

3: Be Shareable

And don’t forget to measure and analysis your content impact:


  • Analytics can track real-time engagement with content.
  • Brands can, over time, learn about the type of content that their customers are most likely to engage with.
  • Through this trial-and-error, brands can find their voice and the way their target audience likes to receive and engage with their content.

 Remember :

                               “The Best way to build your own community is adding valuable content “

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