10 Steps to run your first campaign on twitter by your self from A-Z

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Running campaigns on Twitter are  available in 15 languages and about 100,000 advertisers have already running ad campaigns on Twitter. 

Here are 10 steps to run your first campaign on twitter:

    1. Setting Your billing and payment method

twitter 0 


2.Go to your ads board and choose your country & time zone.

twitter 1


3. Select your campaign objective

twitter 2


4.Set your campaign name and duration

twitter 3


5.Start your creative process and compose your promoted tweets and your URL.

twitter 4


6. Set your Targeting ,Gender and Languages

twiter 6


7. Select devices and platforms 

twitter 7


8. Select additional targeting criteria

twitter 8


9. Customize where Promoted tweets appear 

Twitter 9


10. Set your Budget and Pricing bidding

Twitter 10


“Now your campaign is ready and always review it and optimize your campaign till achieving your goals from it”

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