10 Reasons will inspire you to attend imfnd upcoming Digital Marketing Diploma

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Whether you’re a complete beginner, business owner or marketing professional looking to upskill,
this professional digital marketing program will be perfect for you and here are the reasons: 


1- The main pillars of the Professional digital marketing diploma: Starting from Social Media Marketing, Content Creation for the social network to Online Advertising, SEO, ended by Digital Brand Strategy. 

2- We have panel discussions including market leaders and our clients sharing different experiences with our attendees.


3- Working on Social Media marketing paid tools, and hacks to shortcut a lot of trial and errors.

4- Adding the “content creation techniques for social network” topic to our diploma.

As you will gain the tips and tricks behind creating The most efficient content strategy and building your content calendar across the Social Network.


5- Our cornerstone certification which will provide you with a real work experience by working on imfnd agency projects.


6- You will pass 10 modules and +25 workshops in digital marketing to be able to design, plan and deliver a digital marketing plan for yourself, company or client.


7- Full payment in advanced = you will enjoy 10% discount to be 7600, payment methods will be by installments in 2 phases.

 8- Enjoying the specials rates for groups and corporates.


9- You will be updated with the latest updates of tools and market during & after the diploma.

10- You will gain new friends by joining our community which is full of members who are passionate about marketing and developing themselves and sharing knowledge with others.



Enhance your “Digital Marketing” knowledge by doing across 3 months in our upcoming ” Evening class ” ????‍????????‍????.
???? Register now: http://bit.ly/1WYiaBh, Hotline : 01227076587 01010032518 -01007426916 | hello@imfnd.com

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