10 Important Lessons entrepreneurs have learned from | الحاج سردينة

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Many entrepreneurs follow and search for a role model to follow and learn from him/her in business.The purpose of following influencers in order to learn from their experience and get the most efficient tactics towards their business.

Here are some of the takeaways will help every entrepreneur from| الحاج سردينة

 1) Go to work daily

  • One of the important things is being among your colleagues and share them you business matter in order to support them and add value towards your business.

2) Justice 

  • Achieving Justice among employees is very important matter, which will make every employee feel comfortable and do his/her best in work.
  • on the other hand, every company you will find someone who usual talks negative about his colleagues in order to have trust from his boss, don’t be this boss ever.
  • Take your decisions according to your employee’s actions and outcome not according to your emotions or according to any talks about them

3) Take care of your employees and support them

  • Nowadays we spend most of our time at work, so every leader has to take care of his/her employees and listen to their problems even in life or in business to support them.

4) Discover your employee’s passion and invest 

  • As a leader, try always to discover your employees’ passion and invest on them with continuous development, this matter will returns back towards your business and will make them loyal to your company.

5) Be simple in your treatment

Being simple and treat people well, this attitude will make people respect and love you as a leader not being afraid of you as a manager.

6) Support your employees to grow even when they make their own business

  • one of the grateful matters is supporting your employees in their steps even when they want to establish their own business.
  • Your support will grow up you more, and their success will return towards you also in the market as a leader.

7) Take risks 

  • One of the great things from الحاج سردينة is taking always risks, he always set clear objectives and spend the right budget with no fear in order to achieve his business goals.
  • This matter makes الحاج سردينة a leader in his market and grows up his business.

8) Business Ethics

  • Working with ethics especially with your competitors is a very important thing in business.
  • Many scenes show how الحاج سردينة deal with his competitors and if someone needs his support, he doesn’t late.

9) Plan B 

  • You have to set always a plan B in every plan for your business and make scenarios to not be surprised for any crisis or bad matter,  which will make you control your plan.

10) Charity

  •  Involving in the charity work on the personal level will teach you a lot of good things and will returns back with luck in your life or business.

Share with us your favorite lessons from الحاج سردينة and it impacts towards your business. 

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